category: MARC & SONS watches

The story of MARC & SONS begins in 2006 with the trademark registration by Marco Heimrich, the mastermind behind the watch brand. His aim is to create innovative timepieces that are suitable for everyday use and offer a very good price-performance ratio. To this day, MARC & SONS has more than lived up to this. A high quality of workmanship is guaranteed by the use of high-quality ETA movements from well-known quality manufacturers in conjunction with assembly and quality control on site in Germany.


David Drilling

"Some will ask why MARC & SONS and there is a clear answer. High-quality watches suitable for everyday use that fulfill their purpose and have a high recognition effect thanks to their special design. In terms of price, the watches are in a range that you would otherwise be used to from large-volume mass manufacturers. However, here you get manufacturing quality! You can't go wrong with a MARC & SONS watch."