Le Forban Sécurité Mer

The resurrection of a brand

Le Forban Sécurité Mer® was already one of the preferred diving watches of the French Navy in the 1960s and was proudly worn by many sailors. In the brand's long history, around 20 different models were brought onto the market before it was forgotten.
Jean Sebastien Coste has now successfully revived Le Forban Sécurité Mer. With two diving watches named after French ports on the Atlantic coast, he is following in the footsteps of French maritime history. From now on I am your exclusive contact in Germany for watches from Le Forban Sécurité Mer from France.

  • French tradition

    Le Forban Sécurité Mer is proud of its long association with the French Navy. The newly released watches create a connection between this tradition and the love of retro design.

  • Premium quality at a fair price

    The mechanical Uren are equipped with high-quality sapphire crystal, have a 316L stainless steel case and a robust automatic movement and all at an extremely fair price.

  • Mechanical clockwork

    The high-quality watches from Le Forban Sécurité Mer are of course based on a mechanical movement with automatic winding instead of battery-operated quartz movements. Timelessness, sustainability and durability are key advantages.

  • Manufactured in France

    All Le Forban Sécurité Mer watches are assembled, tested and adjusted in Brittany in the workshop of one of France's best master watchmakers. French watchmaking art - on your wrist.

Le Forban Sécurité Mer

Le Forban Sécurité Mer

Combination of tradition and modernity

Le Forban Sécurité Mer watches of the new generation combine the recent history of the French navy with the zeitgeist of a return to traditional values.

Le Forban Sécurité Mer

Le Forban Sécurité Mer

French watch manufacturer

One of the best French watch manufacturers in Brittany guarantees the high premium quality of the watches, which are assembled and adjusted in France before being shipped to customers.

Le Forban Sécurité Mer

Le Forban Sécurité Mer

A brand with charisma

The French Navy has relied on Le Forban Sécurité Mer models for many years, and the watches are still popular in the sailing community today.

The fascination for French watches from Le Forban

David Drilling

"Having a café with Jean Sebastien Coste from Le Forban on the Côte d'Azur has little to do with a passion for watches, but it is a sign of mutual appreciation. I am impressed by how Jean Sebastien has brought the old, dusty brand back to life and with what passion he works on further developing the watch models. As the contact person for Le Forban Sécurité Mer for German-speaking countries, I will be happy to provide you with advice and support."

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