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The Squale 1521 is the most popular collection from the traditional Swiss manufacturer. With a water resistance of up to 50 ATM, the diving watch is also suitable for professionals. Different dial designs and bracelets make the Squale 1521 versatile. You can buy all models here in the shop!

Why Squale 1521 diving watches?

The Squale 1521 Ocean Mesh is an insider tip for all diving watch fans. Not only because of the great importance of the brand, but also because of the good quality. This is not about trends or prestige, but functionality, timelessness and performance. But read for yourself… Squale 1521 Ocean Mesh 1521OCN.ME20 review  or in the YouTube video.

My conclusion Squale 1521:

David Drilling

"How are you supposed to establish another diving model in the confusing market with thousands of diving models? With the 1521, the Swiss manufacturer Squale shows that this is possible. The building blocks for success are clear after this test: tradition, concentration on the essential properties of one Good diving watch, quality, many configuration options and an appropriate price-performance ratio. An excellent, versatile and uncomplicated diving watch. No experiments, but reliability in every situation. "