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The quality of Findeisen watches convinced me

"Findeisen is an extremely unusual brand in every respect. If you erase the name and previous knowledge of the company's young history from your memory, you could undoubtedly come up with the idea of ​​a premium tool watch of an established manufacturer. It is impressive to bring different models onto the market out of nowhere within a few years, which appear so mature in terms of quality and appearance, as if they could have been on the market in the tenth generation for fifty years . Look at the Findeisen watches, I'm convinced of each one!" To the whole story & all watch models

Findeisen Uhren

German watch brand with tradition

With Findeisen watches, Martin Zettl has revived his great-grandfather Max Findeisen's passion for wristwatches and transformed it into a luxurious branded product that is pleasing at first glance and worth the money.

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