Family tradition and eventful German history brought into the present

When he founded the FINDEISEN watch brand in 2017, Martin Zettl took up his great-grandfather Max Findeisen's passion for mechanical watches and incorporated his eventful family history, which runs through the last centuries of German history, into the watch models. The journey through time begins in the 18th century in the small town of Zschopau in the Erzgebirge, where Findeisen became widespread as a name for journeymen blacksmiths. Max Findeisen's father's family originally came from what was then East Prussia, but later moved to Saxony. Max Findeisen was born in 1907 and developed a fascination for wristwatches, which was expressed by dismantling a wristwatch into individual parts in the 1960s and adding Findeisen lettering to the dial. Since he died a few years later as a result of an operation, he was unfortunately no longer able to pursue his passion for watches. His great-grandson is now doing this - extremely successfully - in the Franconian metropolis of Nuremberg, where FINDEISEN Uhren is based.

  • Damasko manufacture caliber and Franconian watchmaking quality

    The heart of the FINDEISEN watches is the handmade, German-made Damasko caliber, which carries out its work protected in a case made of the highest quality stainless steel. FINDEISEN clocks are only made directly in the old town of Nuremberg after the customer has placed the order.

  • Affordable luxury

    Watch enthusiast Martin Zettl attaches great importance to high-quality materials, timeless design and a specially monitored watch manufacturing process directly in Nuremberg, where the FINDEISEN watches are assembled. The result is a luxury experience that meets the highest quality standards and still remains affordable in price.

  • Historical city stories

    German history from bygone times is reflected in FINDEISEN watches. Whether Memel, Allenstein, Königsberg, the watch models are associated with nostalgic places, for which a renowned Berlin historian has written an exclusive city history.

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Filigree, timeless design

The timeless, delicate design is the trademark of FINDEISEN watches. In addition, the highest quality stainless steel, sapphire crystals, applique dials and excellent workmanship ensure an impressively good watch quality that stands out.

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Manufacture caliber

From the red ring edging in the watch case, the expert observer can recognize the heart of the watch, a manufacture caliber from Damasko, which is used alongside high-quality Swiss movements for the FINDEISEN watches.

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Contract manufacturing in Germany

Each FINDEISEN watch is individually manufactured on behalf of the customer in the workshop located in the old town of Nuremberg. This explains the waiting time of up to 14 working days that you have to be patient for your personal watch.

The quality of Findeisen watches convinced me

David Drilling

"Findeisen is an extremely unusual brand in every respect. If you delete the name and previous knowledge of the company's young history from your memory, you could undoubtedly come up with the idea that you are dealing with a premium tool watch from an established manufacturer. It is impressive to bring different models onto the market out of nowhere in just a few years, which appear so mature in terms of quality and appearance, as if they could have been on the market for fifty years in the tenth generation. Take a look at the Findeisen watches, I am convinced of each one!"

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