Maurice de Mauriac

We love what we do: mechanical watches

When Daniel Dreifuss was still a banker, most recently in New York, his life was still fast. Time was money. Then the financial system collapsed. Not Dreifuss. He turned away from money and towards time. Time spectacularly staged by mechanical clocks. The Eastern Swiss has been back in the New York of Switzerland – in Zurich – for over 25 years. In 1997 he registered the Maurice de Mauriac trademark. Since then, he has enjoyed the slow pace of careful watchmaking and sells them all over the world. Time is now love – but completely different.

  • Where time is curved into space

    Before you enter Maurice de Mauriac's studio, you are convinced that watches are just watches. When you leave the studio again, you know that they are much more: time catchers, time tamers, time keepers, time directors, time users and time wasters. Maurice de Mauriac creates the curvature of time into space.

  • Family tradition made in Zurich

    Some time ago, Daniel Dreifuss placed responsibility for the brand in the hands of his two sons, Massimo and Leonard, who have already made a name for themselves as watchbros in the Swiss watch scene. She - and recently also her sister Masha - juggle traditions and rebellions with great skill, carrying their father's spirit into the future.

  • High quality mechanical movement

    Inside the watches, a high-quality automatic movement from ETA works protected by a CNC-forged steel case, which offers a water resistance of up to 100m. For the bezels you can choose between steel, hardened PDV or red gold, for women also set with rubies or diamonds.

  • Swiss diversity

    As much tradition as Switzerland offers, Zurich is characterized by so much diversity. The Watchbros curate these contrasts into watches that show tradition and rebellion, but which can also be very individualized. Dials, bezels, hands, material and watch straps can be varied, even later, so that the watch always fits the wearer perfectly.

Maurice de Mauriac

Family is a sacred concept for the Dreifuss

Daniel Dreifuss & his two sons, Leo & Massimo. The young generation has taken over the helm of the family business since 2021 and is taking big steps forward in Dad's footsteps.

Maurice de Mauriac Uhren aus Zürich

Maurice de Mauriac

You think in colors...

If, after watching hundreds of different tapes, you think there can't be more, you haven't seen the other thousand yet. Yes, we have a lot of ribbons. Good, noble, colorful, weird, cool and almost always the most suitable strap for every watch. And every strap turns your watch into a new watch.

Maurice de Mauriac

The watch studio

Here they are thought of, made and enjoyed with family, friends and customers. Watch marks are everywhere. Traces lead to clocks and these leave new traces.

Why I love Maurice de Mauriac watches...

David Drilling

"I met the three at the last Baselworld in 2019. Since then we have been in regular contact. I know almost all watches “personally”. MDM watches fascinated me from the start. Mega beautiful designs paired with perfect technology. And then this variety of bracelets... I have rarely seen so much passion and dedication for watches. And you notice that immediately as soon as you wear a Maurice de Mauriac on your wrist. Just wow!"

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