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Squale watches - everything you need to know!

Squale is one of the watch brands that you get to know and love when you look beyond the shop windows for good watches. And the traditional Swiss brand can be described as such with a clear conscience. Since its founding in 1959 by Charles von Büren in Neuchâtel, Switzerland, the independent company has been known primarily for the production of diving watches. Reliable and versatile instruments that support divers underwater was the goal from the start. “Trademark” is the famous Squale lettering that is shaped like a shark. That is not by accident. The term squale comes from French and can be translated as “shark fin”. The charismatic shark is also a must on watch dials.

  • Since its founding, Charles von Büren has used the know-how that he had acquired in previous years when he produced watches for other Swiss brands. Functional and down-to-earth diving watches - that has always been the motto. In its long history, Squale has always been unfazed by trends. They didn't jump on the bandwagon. And unlike comparable companies, Squale is not just another brand from a large corporation. Great importance has always been placed on independence. The company remains family-run. Nevertheless, Squale has changed hands once in its history.

  • In the wake of the quartz crisis of the late 70s and early 80s of the last century, the Italian Maggi family took over and has held the reins ever since. Charles von Büren retired. The ailing traditional brand was rebuilt step by step. In between, the headquarters moved to Milan, but recently returned to its own roots in Switzerland. In Ticino, the timepieces are now assembled by hand by experienced watchmakers.

Squale watches

Squale diving watches

In my opinion, Squale stands for uncompromising quality, high-quality materials and timeless designs. No experiments and performance also characterize the sporty diving watches. On top of that, they are relatively cheap. The price-performance ratio is excellent and I can hardly think of any other brand that can keep up. Squale is one of the first and best places to go for professional diving watches.

Squale watches

What sets Squale apart

Squale only produces diving watches. The flagship for decades has been the prestigious partnerships with the military. They underline the company's professional approach to building only the best. For example, professional divers in the Italian Navy use a limited special edition of the Squale Master with a case made entirely of titanium.

Squale watches

Military & professional divers

The Master itself is also an institution within the company. The popular professional diving watch has been around since 1965. The collaborations are regularly refreshed and delight fans with special models. Although special models represent an important pillar of the model range, the most popular series is without question the 1521.


David Drilling

"The time has come: I am an official dealer of the traditional Swiss brand Squale. This means: you can now find all the watches in the model range here in my shop! In addition to all references to the successful 1521, this also includes rarities for which the manufacturer is known. Have fun looking through it – you are guaranteed to find your favorite diving watch here!"