Hartig Timepieces

For Men - Not Mainstream

Hartig Timepieces watches are aimed at real men who are committed to classic virtues such as firmness of character, determination and strength and live their lifestyle. The massive Hartig Timepieces stand out from the crowd and want to be different. These are watches without compromises, made with attention to detail. Watches that are immediately recognizable due to their special design. A strong statement against the mainstream

  • Attention to detail

    The special appearance of Hartig Timepieces and their popularity are the result of the attention to detail and the desire to create a unique, distinctive design.

  • Stand out from the crowd

    The uncompromising design of the Hartig Timepieces and their powerful appearance are not for everyone. It takes strength and determination to be able to wear this watch.

  • Three-hand watch with ETA movement

    Hartig Timepieces relies on three-hand watches for its models. An ETA movement works in the Damascus steel housing.

Hartig Timepieces

Hartig Timepieces

Distinctive three-hand watches

Hartig watches come to the fore because of their impressive appearance and their powerful expression.

Hartig Timepieces

Hartig Timepieces

ETA factory

Hartig Timepieces are powered by ETA movements. The motto applies here too: no compromises, no arbitrariness.

Hartig Timepieces

Hartig Timepieces

Against the mainstream

Anyone who chooses a Hartig Timepiece doesn't want to follow the crowd, but instead wants to make a statement. Watch founder Andreas R. Hartig gave an interview to WATCHDAVID where he explains his philosophy.

To the interview

Hartig Timepieces is close to my heart.

David Drilling

"I almost have a close friendship with Andreas Hartig from Hartig Timepieces. We regularly exchange ideas and talk shop about the latest developments in the watch sector. I have been involved with the Hartig Timepieces brand for a very long time, have completed countless photo shoots and been involved in the further development of the models. I am all the more pleased to have the honor of being able to offer the extremely rare Hartig Timepieces brand prototypes with high-quality ETA movements in my shop. Take a look under the Prototypes section, where you will find the watches, each of which is unique."

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