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RALF TECH THE BEAST Electric Amphibian x DeepseaMgzn Limited 50

RALF TECH THE BEAST Electric Amphibian x DeepseaMgzn Limited 50

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Everything about the RALF TECH THE BEAST Electric Amphibian x DeepseaMgzn Limited 50, which impresses with a limited quantity of just 50 PIECES.

RALF TECH launches a new version of the The Beast Electric for the US trade magazine DEEPSEAMGZN. An octopus in Luminova adorns the edition, which is limited to 50 copies. Since founding in 2005 RALF TECH has stood for professional diving watches. Special forces and diving service providers rely on the indestructible diving tools from France. The new limited version now complements the collection with electric drive.

Tests in hyperbaric chambers, tests with civil and military robots, tests with submarines that can overcome a depth of -3000 meters. No RALF TECH watch has previously required such strong development. On July 1, 2022, a series copy of THE BEAST tested by the submarine manufacturer TRITON SUBMARINES even reached -4000 meters in the static range. This puts THE BEAST directly among the top 3 series watches worldwide that have reached at least this depth.

Casing of the RALF TECH THE BEAST Electric Amphibian x DeepseaMgzn Limited 50

One of the most remarkable achievements of the model is that it has managed to limit the thickness of THE BEAST to 17 mm, a record considering the proposed pressure resistance . From conception to launch, everything has been thought out so that, thanks to its reasonable dimensions (47.7 mm diameter), THE BEAST can be used daily by professional divers and fine watchmaking enthusiasts.

The bezel

THE BEAST introduces the new professional rotating bezel "Diamond Shape" from Ralf tech. It is unidirectional, has a 60 minute division and rotates at 120 clicks. This bezel is equipped with a matte Ceramfine® insert which makes it resistant to scratches and rough treatment that can occur in real working conditions underwater. The shape of the watch allows for a perfect hold under all operating conditions. It offers the diver safety as he can read the diving and decompression times precisely.

RALF TECH THE BEAST Electric Amphibian x DeepseaMgzn Limited 50

The dial

THE BEAST features a classic Ralf Tech dial. Very open, very easy to read and of course very typical of diving. It consists of a base with a matte finish on which indices made of Swiss SuperLuminova are mounted. The readability is excellent, day and night. The dial of this new BEAST bears the inscription "AMPHIBIAN", accompanied by a logo designed specifically for this series: an octopus with a trident. The large hour and minute hands allow immediate and reliable reading of the time, so that there is no risk of errors for divers underwater.

The term amphibian (from the Greek "amphi": double, and "bios": life) indicates that these animals live in both aquatic and terrestrial environments.Amphibians undergo metamorphosis from aquatic larvae to terrestrial adults, but this pathway is reversible, and amphibians sometimes find themselves in water even during their adult life. Regardless, amphibians learn from a very young age to adapt to any situation, allowing them to navigate between two different worlds. In the course of our lives, we sometimes return to the water, but always come out again.

RALF TECH THE BEAST Electric Amphibian x DeepseaMgzn Limited 50

Please note that this is a limited edition of only 50 pieces!

The movement of the RALF TECH THE BEAST Electric Amphibian x DeepseaMgzn Limited 50

THE BEAST Electric uses a new movement from Ralf Tech. This new movement, developed and manufactured in Switzerland exclusively for Ralf Tech, works according to a system of micro-hybridization. It combines precision, reliability and energy saving. The RTE001 movement is based on the mechatronic base of the hybrid movement of the previous WRX generations, reducing the number of moving parts and simplifying the quartz power supply as much as possible. Its autonomy can be up to 100,000 hours, almost 12 years.

Special features

Like the standard versions of THE BEAST Electric, the "AMPHIBIAN" is equipped with an encapsulation system integrated in the bottom of the housing. This system, which was initially introduced in 2019 on the WRX collection, is perfectly integrated into the back of THE BEAST. This innovation seals the back of the watch and guarantees optimal water resistancet. The system makes the use of a helium valve unnecessary and thereby avoids additional leakage risks.

The thickest scratch-resistant sapphire crystal on the market for a production watch with a thickness of 6 mm, a case structure that is 12 mm thick in certain strategic places, wide straps that are from tear-proof threaded rods, bezels made of matt Ceramfine®, certified water resistance up to -3000 meters guaranteed.

Scope of delivery

THE BEAST comes with 2 very comfortable, large 26mm straps - a black silicone strap and a black Zulu strap - both signed Pin clasps. The watch is packaged in a waterproof polycarbonate Explorer case with NATO approval.


Clockwork: Electric Micro Hybrid

Casing: Surgical steel 316L, satin finish

Power reserve: up to 100.000 hours (12 years)

Diameter: 47.7 mm

Functions: Hours, minutes, seconds, diving time calculation

Waterproofness: 3000 M / 9900 FT Tested and certified

Strap: Black silicone / black Zulu strap

Glass: Sapphire crystal

Thickness: 17mm

Bezel: matt Ceramfine®, unidirectional rotating bezel, 120 clicks

Dial: Matte black dial with luminous indexes and octopus in SuperLuminova® C3

Case back: Screwed case back with serial number





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