DUZU Watches

The watch manufacturer from Western Australia

It was in 2018 when Wayne McCay had the idea to found the watch brand DUZU. Growing up in Durban, South Africa, he was inspired by the Zulu language when coming up with a name. Duzu is the chosen abbreviation for Umduzu, which means white rhinoceros in the Zulu language. How much this actually influences his creations remains his secret. The fact is that the trained architect McCay has met the taste of a larger audience with his design pieces. His campaigns advertised on Kickstarter have regularly sold out.

  • Quality at affordable prices

    Quality but affordable - with this claim DUZU Watches tries to stand out from other manufacturers. Because of its Australian origins, it is assumed that the watch has diving capabilities. Wayne McCay's entire team relies on high customer service and takes customers' wishes into account for new collections.

  • Small editions in the niche

    DUZU Watches is a microbrand that operates with a small circulation below the radar of large watch manufacturers. To date, Kickstarter campaigns have been successfully used to market and pre-finance production costs, which have made the brand known to a larger group of customers.

  • Clocks for the urban jungle

    Wayne McCay wants his watches to be seen as tools for the urban warrior, robust, durable, versatile, whether at the desk in the office, on the sofa at home, outside in nature or in the sea or under water.

  • Careful selection of materials

    Wayne selects the components for his watches with great meticulousness. He uses high-quality materials that one would expect in the luxury segment and cleverly combines them with common watchmaking materials. All of this is always done with the interests of the customers in mind.

DUZU Watches


Diving watches have to be robust

A key feature of DUZU watches is their ability to dive up to 300 meters. High-quality materials such as 316L stainless steel are used for the housing.

DUZU Watches


Kickstarter campaigns

As a microbrand you have to take new, innovative paths. DUZU Watches has launched its watches in several successful Kickstarter campaigns so far. You can only achieve this if you focus extremely on customer needs and score points with attention to detail and innovative strength.

DUZU Watches


Attention to detail

Fascinating details, extremely well thought out, meticulously designed by Wayne McCay, with a lot of love and passion and the aim of building simply good but also affordable watches. This is what DUZU Watches stands for.

Why I am enthusiastic about DUZU Watches

David Drilling

"Around 2019, I first met Wayne McCay - the man behind DUZU Watches - at the launch of his first watch, the Ningaloo Reef. Since then, I have followed and accompanied each of his new creations with enthusiasm. You can tell that there is an architect at work here who knows how to create something unique with attention to detail and a gift for combination. My unreserved recommendation to anyone looking for a watch outside the mainstream. Real Australian workmanship is rare to find."

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