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Le Forban Sécurité Mer Rochelaise SuperCompressor Sea Green Steel Bracelet

Le Forban Sécurité Mer Rochelaise SuperCompressor Sea Green Steel Bracelet

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About the brand new Le Forban Sécurité Mer Rochelaise SuperCompressor sea green on a steel bracelet from France!

New & original packaging. In Germany only available from me.

Inspired by the original watch designs of the 60s and 70s, the Rochelaise is a sophisticated harmony of curves. With its rotating inner bezel with stamped indices and its chrome-plated printed indices on the dial at the cardinal points, it impresses with its originality and subtlety. A diving watch that you can enjoy in all circumstances!

Le Forban Sécurité Mer Rochelaise SuperCompressor Meeresgrün Stahlarmband

The Rochelaise is a subtle mix of elements from our favorite watches of the 60s and 70s - which we wanted to pay tribute to.

• Case diameter: 39 mm
• Length: 46 mm lug to lug
• Case thickness: 11.40 mm
• 316L steel case
• Bidirectional pressed steel inner bezel
• Domed sapphire crystal
• Screw-down Crown
• Miyota 9039 automatic movement
• Silicone Tropic bracelet or steel bracelet with personalized clasp. Bandwidth: 20 mm.

By the way: Le Forban Sécurité Mer makes its wristwatches in the workshops of the French watchmaker Christian Plantin. Here they are assembled, checked and adjusted. The price-performance ratio is also really excellent. For a mid-three-digit sum, you can hardly find comparable quality anywhere else. The perfect introduction, right?Le Forban Sécurité Mer Rochelaise Sand-Grey Stahlarmband (sandgrau / braun)Sand gray: A warm gray with gold-plated accents.

Sea Green: A blue-green with deep accents that reflects the color of the waters of La Rochelle.

The super compressor principle explained
Let me get straight to the point: With the Rochelaise, Le Forban Sécurité Mer has designed a Kompressor diving watch for the first time . This makes it one of the brands that is reviving supercompressor technology for the first time in around 50 years. In the early years of sports diving, watches with double compressor crown and compressor clasp were particularly in demand.

Also because at that time there were no other ways to effectively seal the housing. The legendary case maker Ervin Piquerez solved the problem elegantly by installing a spring-loaded case back. Thanks to the spring, the diving watch was already sealed when the case base was not yet pressing against the O-ring. This only happened at high compression levels. The deeper you went, the tighter the watch became.


Whether in daylight or at night, your watch remains readable by using Swiss Super-Luminova® C3, the brightest lumen on the market. Designed to remain legible in the deepest abyss, the luminous material will also prove useful to night owls navigating the shadows...

REFINED AND COMFORTABLE - Le Forban Sécurité Mer Rochelaise SuperCompressor Sea Green Steel Bracelet

Aiming to achieve an ideal combination of appearance and comfort, we paid particular attention to the curves and finesse of the Rochelaise case.Due to its balanced proportions and low profile, the Rochelaise is a unisex watch that fits any wrist size will look good, just like all the watches in the Le Forban range.

Le Forban Sécurité Mer Rochelaise Meeresgrün Silikon Tropic Armband


We chose a very specific manufacturing technique for the internal bezel. The indices are pressed into the metal, the resulting depth offering a unique aesthetic - a technique borrowed from the 60s. The surfaces of the indices are polished to complete the aesthetic effect and maximize readability. And as a finishing touch, the Rochelaise is equipped with a red seconds hand, a reminder of its diving watch DNA.


The Miyota 9039 has been in production since 2018 and is a high-quality, Japanese automatic movement. Due to the thinness of this movement, the Rochelaise case has a particularly low profile - less than 12 mm.

Power reserve: 42 hours
Seconds stops when the crown is pulled out.


To highlight the back we use the same embossing technique on all our watches. For the Rochelaise we chose the sea rope motif as a tribute to the nearby Royal Ropemaking Factory of Rochefort . With its screw-down crown, the Rochelaise is designed to be water resistant up to 150 meters. Its second crown, which turns the inner bezel, has been intentionally placed in an asymmetrical position, giving an original but vintage-inspired charm.

The detailed test is already finished and will be online shortly! Stay tuned!

My conclusion:

David Drilling

"I was immediately impressed by the new Le Forban Sécurité Mer Rochelaise. After the extensive test, this was more than confirmed. The Rochelaise is significantly more elaborately designed than Malouine or Brestoise. The brand's increased standards are exemplary Compressor technology that has now found its way in and sets Rochelaise apart from the confusing diving watch market."



Le Forban Securite Mer


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Miyota 9039




New & OVP

Le Forban Sécurité Mer

Le Forban Sécurité Mer

It is thanks to the southern French watch lover Jean Sebastien Coste that the traditional watch brand Le Forban Sécurité Mer was brought back to life in 2019. Since then, chronographs have been built again based on the old model and can certainly compete with the great Swiss models.

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