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Le Forban Sécurité Mer® was already one of the preferred diving watches of the French Navy in the 1960s and was proudly worn by many sailors. In the long history of the brand, around 20 different models were brought onto the market before it fell into oblivion.

Jean Sebastien Coste has now successfully revived Le Forban Sécurité Mer. With two diving watches named after French ports on the Atlantic coast, he is following in the footsteps of French maritime history. From now on I am your exclusive contact in Germany for watches from Le Forban Sécurité Mer from France.

Le Forban Sécurité Mer

Le Forban Sécurité Mer

It is thanks to the southern French watch lover Jean Sebastien Coste that the traditional watch brand Le Forban Sécurité Mer was brought back to life in 2019. Since then, chronographs have been built again based on the old model and can certainly compete with the great Swiss models.

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